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Foshan Zhihui Junzhang Advanced Composite Technology Co., Ltd, founded in 2017, owns rich design experience and innovative ideas and provides customers with complete solutions for the design, development and production of composite products....... The company has a carbon fiber products based on a number of patents, through the ISO9001 certification.

Oct 19 2015-金莎电玩城
  • Other chemical products: carbon cCarbon carbon composites are one of the most promising materials for high temperature materials. Carbon carbon composite material is carbon fiber and its fabric reinforced carbon matrix composites. With low density, high strength, high spec
Oct 19 2015
  • Carbon fiber material is what ghoWe all have to understand the car shell, some people think that the car body shell, which is said to be iron, in fact, is not confined to iron alloy, many car brands body shell using aluminum alloy, high toughness material or carbon fiber m

Competitive Carbon Composite Parts & Process
Ten years focus on carbon composite material product design and process molding, successfully developed hundreds of projects.

Application in industrial robots, medical care, transportation, aviation, aerospace, military, sports, machinery accessories and other fields